About Us

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

~Anthony D’Angelo

Our Mission

Pretty Up Beechview is an all-volunteer community group dedicated to maintaining and beautifying the neighborhood of Beechview through:

  • Litter clean-up

  • Dump site clean-up

  • Billboard garden tending

  • Nature trail maintenance

  • Community garden stewardship

  • Neighborhood engagement

Our Greenspaces

The Beechview neighborhood has weathered a generation of real estate neglect, especially along its business corridor.  However, we will not let vacant lots and untended spaces be our legacy.

Our legacy will be a sense of neighborhood environmental stewardship for all Beechview residents, built in partnership with other community organizations.

Beechview is on the verge of reclaiming its title as a desirable neighborhood.  We are proud to know that the rest of Pittsburgh is beginning to realize what we’ve already known!

A man digging in a garden with raised beds all around.

Beechview Community Garden

Pretty Up Beechview is the steward of the Beechview Community Garden, located at 1229 Rockland Ave. across from Beechwood Elementary School.

A colorful mural patio in the middle of a fenced parklet

Jardín de Unidad

In 2017 students from Brashear’s Latin-American Student Union joined Pretty Up Beechview and many other community members and organisations to turn an empty and trash-filled lot into a beautiful parklet along Broadway Ave. It is free and open to the community for all to enjoy.

A fence with a sign for Seldom Seen Greenway in front of a historic stone tunnel and surrounded by tulips in bloom.

Seldom Seen Greenway

Seldom Seen Greenway is a large tract of forest mostly located in Beechview that PUB helps steward with other local organisations and volunteers as part of the Seldom Seen Working Group.

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