Seldom Seen Greenway


Located between Beechwood Elementary School and Vannucci Park, the community garden is both practical and recreational.


Greenway Info

Seldom Seen Greenway rings the Beechview and Banksville neighborhoods of Pittsburgh with the most popular entrances at Tropical Park, Crane Avenue, Lowen Hill, Vannucci Park and the salt dome on 51.  Each entrance leads to minimally maintained trails.

Pretty Up Beechview helps steward the greenway as part of the Seldom Seen Working Group, a coalition of local organisations and volunteers that meet regularly and work with the city to hopefully preserve this beautiful space for generations to come. 



Many Locations

The most popular entrance with parking is along 51, at the salt dome near the Wabash tunnel.   As the trails are mapped and maintained we will add detailed instructions on finding them.


Anytime, 365 days/year

The greenway is open to the public with no official close and open times.  



Everyone is welcome, including pets. Please be respectful of any wildlife and take your trash with you when you leave. Some entrances have garbage cans.

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